XII Ibero-American Constitutional Law Congress

“Institutional Design of the Democratic systems of Government”

Tribute to Fernando Hinestrosa and Carlos Restrepo Piedrahita

The Ibero-American Institute of Constitutional Law (IIDC) was created over 40 years ago with the aim of establishing channels of communication between Constitutional Law scholars and practitioners. This Institute has become a prestigious research center, and a outstanding space for the exchange of experience among Americans, Latin Americans and Europeans.

At the heart of the academic research activities conducted by the IIDC, and in an attempt to contribute to the consolidation of constitutional governments in Latin America, Ibero-American Constitutional Law Congress is widely recognized as event of high academic reputation. In fact, since its creation in 1974, the Ibero-American Constitutional Law Congress has been the most prestigious academic forum of discussion on Constitutional Law in the region. This Congress has inspired proposals for constitutional reforms applied to the States in the region, as well as led to worthy academic dialogue between its participants. In recent decades, it has served to build bridges between the American and Latin American constitutional law academies, fostering debates on constitutionalism, democracy and the relationship between law and government.


De izquierda a derecha: Humberto Sierra Porto, Floralba Padrón Pardo, Magdalena Correa, Julio Cesar Ortiz, Juan Carlos Henao, Paula Robledo, José Ma. Serna, Domingo García Belaunde, Camila Torres Mafiol.

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The over 30-year relationship between the Ibero-American Institute of Constitutional Law, the Colombia National Section, and the Externado de Colombia University has been continuously strengthened, thanks to organization of seminars and visits affording  the sharing of advances in academic research. For this end, the work by Dr. Fernando Hinestrosa and Dr. Carlos Restrepo has been instrumental.